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Gerber’s Daily Carry Zip Driver attaches to your jacket or bag, so it’s there the minute you need to take on a stubborn screw. At home, use this compact tool to tighten a loose doorknob or a jiggly light fixture. Or pull it from your glove box, and finally put an end to that rattling car door.

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The screw is a glorious little invention, but damn if they don’t come loose (or worse, refuse to budge) from time to time—and always at the worst time. Gerber’s Daily Carry Zip Driver is a compact, simplified tool that attaches to a jacket or bag, so it’s there whenever you need to take on a stubborn screw. At home, use it to tighten a pair of glasses or an escaping frying pan handle. At work, stealthily fix that annoying bathroom door.


Four Tools In One

This palm-sized driver’s rotating wheel holds the four most commonly used screwdriver heads—two flat and two Phillips. Snap one into place, and a ball detent mechanism locks it tight enough to take on the oldest, rustiest screw. The quick-release clip lets you quickly pop it on and off a zipper or a pack strap, and the compact size means even screws tucked out of sight and barely in reach are in the line of fire.


2 flat head drivers (1/8" Bit & 3/16" Bit)

2 Phillips head drivers (#1 Bit & #2 Bit)

Ball detent locking mechanism for added security

Zipper attachment for easy access

Quick-release clip for swift removal

Backed by Gerber’s Lifetime Warranty


Tech Specs

  •          Overall Length: 2.15"
  •          Steel Type: 420 Stainless
  •          Handle Material: 3Cr13